Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2019/vol. 29/No. 1 (List of accepted articles)

1. Gogodze J., Innovative advantages ranking: A new approach
2. Hopland A. O., Kvamsdal S. F., Sandal L. K., An analysis of maintenance schedules for public facilities
3. Kierkosz I., Łuczak M., A one-pass heuristic for nesting problems
4. Puciato D., Oleśniewicz P., Gawlik A., Markiewicz-Patkowska J., Widawski K., Słaby T., Kasprzak R., Mróz-Gorgoń B., Location factors for budget, medium standard and luxury hotels based on the example of hotels operating in Poland
5. Rębiasz B., The valuation of real options in a hybrid environment
6. Taghinezhad Y., Optimisation model for food chilled chain logistics problem conditions of uncertainty
7. Veerakumari P. K., Harikrishnan A., Application of single sampling plan through minimum sum of risks over in EOQ model with trade credit