Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2018/vol. 28/No. 3 (List of accepted articles)

1. Dudzińska-Baryła R. Analysis of complex decision problems based on cumulative prospect theory
2. Ekhosuehi V.U On the one-shot two-person zero-sum game in football from a penalty kicker’s perspective
3. Flåm S. D., Resource games, rights, and rents
4. Khan N., Yasmin T., Aslam M., Jun C-H. On the performance of modified EWMA charts using resampling schemes
5. Radosiński E., Radosiński Ł. Verification of a model as a scientific tool of operations research – a methodological approach
6. Seyedboveir S., Kordrostami S., Daneshian B., Amirteimoori A. Efficiency measurement in dynamic two-stage network structures with flexible intermediate materials
7. Stańczyk J. Max-plus algebra as a tool for the modelling and performance analysis of manufacturing systems